Hurst, James

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Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark discussing Pendergast support in the gubernatorial race vs that for Roy McKittrick, and Hurst's efforts to gather support for Stark.

Letter from James Hurst to Lloyd Stark providing a recommendation and introduction to Paul A. Hartung of Carrollton, Missouri.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Major Lloyd C. Stark, writing that he had recommended Stark as candidate for governor to his friend, Tom Pendergast.

Letter to Thomas Lococo in which Jimmie Hurst describes unrest within the Missouri Young Democrats organization. He stresses that Tom Pendergast has no affiliation or interest in either faction, and wishes to remain neutral.

Letter from James Hurst to Paul Williams, praising him for his work in getting out the vote for gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Governor Park, in response to being overlooked for an appointment.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Mrs. Powell regarding Stark's campaign and marshalling machine support.

Letter to Lloyd Stark offering assurances and advice about his campaign for Missouri governor.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Jimmy Hurst discussing the state of their orchards and making an invitation to visit his own orchard if he happens through.

Letter from James Hurst praising John Whitsel for organizing a St. Joseph meeting on behalf of candidate for Missouri Governor, Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from Jimmie Hurst to Lloyd stark updating him on campaign attitudes and activities across Missouri.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the state of his orchard and conversations with Tom Pendergast. He also invites Stark to use him as a reference with Casimir Welch or Jim Aylward.