Hirth, William

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From B. R. Williams to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Sheriff B. R. Williams to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing his work and the upcoming campaign. Williams is undecided as to whether he will run for public office in this election, but writes that "there are so many insistent demands from friends for me to run for Prosecuting Attorney."

From Anthony A. Buford to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Tony Buford to Lloyd C. Stark discussing his projection for the make up of the next House of Representatives, as well as support for Stark vs. William Hirth for governor.

Ernest O. Boone Endorsements

Enclosed list of endorsements for a job appointment desired by Ernest O. Boone.

Crusade in Kansas City

Clipping from the Sunday Washington Star by O. K. Armstrong describing the Pendergast machine and efforts to take them down ahead of a March 1938 election.

"Why Hirth is Fighting the Pendergast Machine"

Four page article subtitled "An Appeal to the Farm men and Women of Missouri," outlining William Hirth's focus on defeating the Pendergast political machine. Hirth was a democratic candidate for Missouri Governor, ultimately defeated by Lloyd Stark.

"To the Voters"

Political advertisement in the form of a letter to Missouri voters which characterizes Lloyd Stark as a corrupt affiliate of the Pendergast machine.

"A Remarkable Political Convention" Statement

Press release containing the test of a statement given by William Hirth, publisher of the Missouri Farmer and president of the Missouri Farmers' Association, regarding the state Democratic convention. Hirth reports that the recent "convention in St. Louis was the most shameful gathering of its kind in the history of Missouri," and describes animosity between Clark-Pendergast forces and Governor Lloyd C. Stark.