Douglas, James M.

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Letter from Ellison Neel to Wallace I.

Letter from Carl G. Ryder to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, thanking him for his work looking into Machine influence, pleding his vote for James M. Douglas, and expressing belief that public support for Pendergast is waning: "Inclined to believe 'Tom's' sun is slowly setting."

Article by E. Montgomery Reily in which he discusses the practice of Republicans voting in the Democratic primary during the recent election.

Letter from E. B. DeShon to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing James M. Douglas winning the Democratic Primary for the Missouri Supreme Court race, and pledging assistance in the fall election.

Letter from Roy Glidewell asking governor Stark to acknowledge his previous letter and indicate a timeline for appointing a vacant judgeship.

Anonymous letter to Governor Stark complaining of voter fraud in Kansas City.

Letter from Jesse Barrett praising Judge James Douglas for winning the Missouri Supreme Court primary election against the Pendergast-backed candidate.

Letter from a former timekeeper on a Missouri WPA project, describing the corruption in place regarding the awarding of jobs. Gov. Lloyd Stark is CC-ed on the letter.

Letter from W. H. Waggoner to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing suspicious activity from the courts regarding eligible voter records, and his prediction that Judge James M. Douglas will perform well in elections outside of the Kansas City area.

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing false or inaccurate voter registrations in Kansas City, and a potential remedy for them.

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing the pleas of those accused of election fraud in Kansas City,

Letter from Thomas M. Chinn to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, who says he is "for Mr Douglass tooth &toe nail," and thanking Stark for his work toward having a clean government and describing Pendergast men campaigning for James Billings for the upcoming Missouri Supreme Court primary.