Costanza, Rose

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U.S. vs. Rose Costanza: Verdict

Verdict in the trial of Criminal Case No. 8838: United States vs. Rose Costanza, defendant. Costanza was found not guilty in the first, second, and third counts, related to operating a distillery, and guilty of the fourth count, related to the possession of alcohol. The verdicts are signed off on by the foreman of the jury.

U.S. vs. Rose Costanza: Report of Trial

Report of trial for Criminal Case No. 8388: United States vs. Rose Costanza and Joseph Costanza, defendants. The document summarizes events of the case, including the defendants' arrest on November 26, 1927, Joe Costanza's discharge from the case, the witnesses who appeared, and the attorneys appearing on each side. Commissioner George D. Beardsley held that Rose Costanza was "probably guilty," ordered a recognizance of $2000.00, and ordered her to appear in the District Court on April 23, 1928.

U.S. vs. Rose Costanza: Indictment

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 8388: United States vs. Rose Costanza, defendant. The defendant was charged with, in Count I, operating a distillery "with the intent to defraud the United States of America of the tax on the spirits"; in Count II, making, possession, and fermenting "a quantity of mash fit for distillation... to wit, 120 gallons" outside of an authorized distillery; in Count III, manufacturing "for beverage purposes" six gallons of whiskey; and in Count IV, possessing six gallons of whiskey "for beverage purposes."