Barrett, Jesse W.

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Letter from John S. Bates to Republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett describing the support for his campaign in Kansas City.

Letter from H. R. Walmsley to Jesse Barrett in which he discusses the proposition of Barrett running for Governor of Missouri on the Republican ticket.

Letter from Jesse Barrett to I. N. Watson in which he discusses how Republicans can respond to the Kansas City Machine's activity in the upcoming election.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark, urgin him not to appeal to the federal government for a proble into Missouri state election rigging.

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing the pleas of those accused of election fraud in Kansas City,

Letter from Lowell R. Johnson to 1936 Missouri gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett, indicating the presence of election fraud in Kansas City.

Political cartoon and accompanying message urging support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett.

Letter from Charles L. Dunham to Jesse Barrett, detailing his knowledge of the workings of the Pendergast political machine in Kansas City, particularly as involves election and insurance fraud.

Letter from Malcolm D. Grimes to Jesse Barrett urging him to run again for Governor of Missouri "now that Gov. Stark has about finished off 'Uncle Tom.'"

Letter from Josephine Lay to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing attitudes about his recent endoresement by Tom Pendergast.