Barrett, Jesse W.

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To the Democratic Voters of Missouri: Beat Pendergastism

Political publication in the form of a "sample ballot" indicating that a vote for Jesse Barrett was a vote against Pendergast influence in Missouri.

Radio Talk by Major Lloyd C. Stark, Democratic Candidate for Governor Over Station KSD, St. Louis

Transcript of a speech given by candidate Lloyd Stark on the eve of the Missouri elections. The speech was given over KSD radio on Monday, Nov. 2 from 4:45 to 5 p.m.

Press Release for Jesse Barrett

Statement on behalf of Jesse Barrett describing a speech in which he criticizes R. Emmet O'Malley for his role in a fraternal organization insurance scandal.

Political Cartoon About Jesse Barrett and Lloyd Stark

Political cartoon and accompanying message urging support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett.

Jesse Barrett Press Release

Text of a speech given by Jesse Barrett at the Annual Reunion of Montgomery County Old Settlers, 1938

From William P. Harvey to Lloyd Stark

Letter from William P. Harvey to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, describing the situation with Missouri pensions and voting irregularities as they pertain to the campaign.

From William Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark

Letter from W. M. Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark advising him not to get involved in accusations of voting irregularities in the recent Missouri statewide election.

From William Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark, urgin him not to appeal to the federal government for a proble into Missouri state election rigging.

From William Kitchen to Mrs. Powell

Letter from William Kitchen in which he states his ideas for handling Lloyd Stark's opponent in an upcoming speech.

From William Kitchen to Mrs. Powell

This letter from Kitchen recommends placing an advertisement in the 'Missouri Legionnaire' in response to one placed by his competitor in the gubernatorial primary. He concludes by encouraging Lloyd Stark to meet very soon with Tom Pendergast because he learned that the Kansas City strongman was soon to have surgery in New York.

From William Kitchen to Lloyd Stark

Letter from William Kitchen updating candidate Lloyd Stark on developments with his opponents inthe Democratic primary.

From William Hirth to Jesse Barrett

A brief letter and accompanying newspaper article from William Hirth to Jesse Bennett. The article concerns Missouri Governor Lloyd Stark's activities in opposition to the Pendergast Machine in Kansas City.