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This picture of Chandler's Flower Shop was taken looking southwest at the intersection of 47th Street and Mill Creek Parkway (now J C Nichols Parkway).

This photograph of the Triangle Building was taken looking north on 47th Street between Wyandotte and Central Streets. The second unit had just been completed with the Wymore Hardware Company as the first tenant in the west end of the building.

This picture of the Suydam Building was taken in the Country Club Plaza looking north-northwest at the intersection of Mill Creek Parkway (now J C Nichols Parkway) and 47th Street. The Suydam Building was later occupied by the House of Beauty and the Claude Keyes Drug Store. Gas station also pictured.

This picture of the Country Club Plaza Theater was taken looking west-northwest at the intersection of Alameda Road (now Nichols Road) and Wyandotte Street.

This picture of the Plaza Dog Mart was taken looking west-northwest from atop the J. C. Nichols Company Building. Country Club Plaza merchants sponsored a dog mart where people interested in buying a dog could see and inspect many breeds of dog. This dog mart was located at the future site of the Plaza Medical Building.

Entrance to 5110 Cherry Street, located in Southwood Park. The home belonged to Edwin W. Shields and construction was completed shortly after World War I. This vantage point faces west on Cherry Street between 51st Street and 52nd Street. This building is now part of the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Exterior of Colonial Shops at 51st Street between Brookside Boulevard and Oak Street, showing one automobile parked out front. This vantage point faces northeast at the intersection of Brookside Boulevard and 51st Street.

A dozen boys playing tug-of-war while a Community Field Day crowd watches on the grounds of the Pembroke-Country Day School. This vantage point faces east towards Brush Creek and Ward Parkway.

Nearly a dozen young children on scooters participating in 1923 Community Field Day on the grounds of the Pembroke-Country Day School. This vantage point faces south-southeast towards Brush Creek and Ward Parkway in the background.

An autochrome photograph of the Country Club Plaza Theater, taken from the east.

An autochrome photograph of women sitting by a fountain in the Country Club Plaza. She is dressed in a sombrero and other appropriately-themed clothing for the Country Club Plaza Fiesta.

An autochrome photograph of tulips in the gardens at The Walnuts, taken looking northwest.