Wabash Avenue

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Photograph of with an exterior view of Henry C. Kumpf Public School, built in 1920 on the north side 45th Street between Olive Street and Wabash Avenue. Named after former member and officer of the Board of Education, August 1867 - November 1890. This vantage point faces north near the northeast corner of 45th and Olive.

Photograph with full, street level, corner view of the Irving School located on the south side of 24th Street between Wabash Avenue and Prospect Avenue. The school was later named for Booker T. Washington. This vantage point faces southwest from the northeast corner of Prospect and 24th.

Pamphlet describing services and offers statistics at the Italian mission in the Northeast district of Kansas City, Missouri, sponsored by the Presbyterian Church. Includes child welfare station, nursery school, music department, boys work, girls work, religious organizations, daily vacation bible school, and church services.

Letter from T. O'Donnell to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. in which O'Donnell informs Mitchell he will be sending a document describing "'Machine tactics' in Jackson County government." O'Donnell claims it would be useful information for any U.S. Senate candidate opposing the Pendergast Machine.

Letter from Mrs. T. W. Marr to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on May 16, 1934, with attached letter. Marr urges Mitchell to combat the corruption in Kansas City and comments how she was turned down for a job in Marshall, Missouri because she did not have Thomas J. Pendergast's endorsement.

Letter from Mrs. Nettie C. Alvey to Guy B. Park regarding election fraud and writing that she hopes he can ensure a fair election on November 8.