Troost Avenue

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The cover, back, and excerpts of a program for the Isis Theatre at 31st Street and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The back includes an advertisement for Earll & Gehring's Original Doughnut Shops. Also included is an advertisement for the Isis Cafeteria featuring the Carleton-Coons-Sanders Novelty Orchestra.

Fire station house of Company No. 28 on Troost Ave., near 73rd St., Kansas City, Missouri, ca. 1930s. This fire house is typical of other fire station houses erected in the 1930s. This vantage point faces northeast on Troost Avenue between 73rd and 74th Street.

Letter from Kansas City resident David C. Bagby which claims that, despite some reforms, the Pendergast machine still controls the city, particularly the jobs.

Letter from E. B. DeShon to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing James M. Douglas winning the Democratic Primary for the Missouri Supreme Court race, and pledging assistance in the fall election.

Letter from A. L. Mckenzie, President of the Central College of Osteopathy asking for Pendergast's help in reversing a policy that prevents college attendees from taking the state certification examination.

Campaign letter, political advertisement and newspaper clipping in support of Harry S. Truman senatorial campaign.

Letter from Ashton Keith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from Ashton Keith to Maurice M. Milligan suggesting that if Milligan should run for governor instead of Senate if he wishes to continue working against the Pendergast machine. He also writes that Pendergast "WAS NOT AND IS NOT THE REAL BOSS," and that "the Machine is far more strongly entrenched in Kansas City ...

Early 1940s photograph of Macedonia Baptist Church congregation members as they depart on a trolley ride to Fairyland (7501 Prospect Avenue) for an annual church picnic there. Reverend Preston Allen, Sr. is pictured standing at the door of the streetcar parked near 22nd Street and Troost Avenue.

This photograph was taken looking north at the intersection of the Troost Avenue and 18th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Troost carlines, M&C Pharmacy, and a sign for 'veneered panels' are shown in the picture.

This photograph was taken looking south on the west side of Troost Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Kansas City, Missouri.

This photograph was taken looking south-southwest on the west side of the Troost Avenue and 17th Street intersection in Kansas City, Missouri. Advertisements for Benzo-Gas and Harris-Goar are shown on Merrit Outdoor Advertising Co. billboards.