Sunset Hill

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An autochrome photograph of a stone wall, tree stump, and iris flowers next to the road entrance to Isaac P. Ryland's residence. Ryland was a Kansas City lawyer. This vantage point faces south from near Ryland's driveway entrance.

A color glass plate positive photograph of two unidentified women seated on a bench in the garden of Harry D. Seavey, head of the Seavey & Flarsheim Brokerage Company.

An autochrome photograph of H. A. Fowler's residence, taken from the east. Fowler was president of the Fowler Commission Company.

A color glass plate positive photograph of the Municipal Rose Garden (Loose Park Rose Garden) looking northeast toward The Walnuts apartments.

An autochrome photograph of Julia M. Rockwell's house and garden, taken from the northeast. Julia and her husband, Bertrand Rockwell, were Kansas City pioneers, as well as the parents of architect Mary Rockwell Hook.