Sunset Hill School

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Vassie James Ward Hill

As one school historian has written, the Kansas City Country Day School opened its doors in a September 28, 1910, ceremony resembling "a cross between the launching of a crusade and an old-time Fourth of July celebration." It was the culmination of much hard work on the part of Vassie James Ward Hill, a trailblazing female political leader whose progressive vision led to the founding of Country Day and its sister institution, the Sunset Hill School, today known collectively as Pembroke Hill.

Sunset Hill School Main Building

An autochrome photograph of vines on the main building of the Sunset Hill School, taken from the southeast.

Sunset Hill School

Exterior of the Sunset Hill School. The school possessed a stage, large auditorium, lunch room, and two primary class rooms. The building pictured is now part of the Pembroke Hill School. This vantage point faces west near the southwest corner of 50th Street and Wornall Road.