Saint Luke's Hospital

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Photograph with caption, "looking north from Park Land at 48th Street and Country Club Car Line, showing approach of proposed trafficway to widened east 48th Street." Park Lane Hotel, St. Luke's Hospital, and Ponce De Leon Hotel, and three unidentified children are pictured.

Photograph with caption, "proposed extension of Brookside Boulevard north to connect with Main at 41st Street." At the time, Brookside Boulevard was to be extended north until 41st Street were it would meet with Main Street. The Country Club Car Line, Ponce de Leon Hotel, 47th Street, St.

Photograph with caption, "Mill Creek Drive at 47th Street, showing the proposed roadway due north to Brookside Boulevard Extension and main at 41st Street. Plaza shops, Park Lane Hotel, and St. Luke's Hospital are pictured.

Booklet describing the services rendered at St. Luke's Hospital, located at 44th Street and Mill Creek Parkway [presently J C Nichols Parkway] in Kansas City, Missouri.

Postcard of the Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. The vantage point faces west-northwest on the 4400 block of Mill Creek Parkway (now J C Nichols Parkway). Although the original building pictured still stands, it is now obstructed from view on J C Nichols Parkway by hospital extension to the east.

Letter from Manny Schupan to Lloyd C. Stark writing with news of Joseph Werby's heart attack and offering his own assistance during Werby's recovery and in support of Stark's campaign.

View shows the south wing of St. Luke's Hospital under construction. This was the first addition to the original building. This picture was taken looking southwest just south of the 4300 block of Mill Creek Parkway (now J C Nichols Parkway).