Pendergast Machine

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Letter from H. R, Conway to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, reporting on a campaign rally by his opponent, Jessee Barrett.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast, hoping to obtain Tom Swope work supplying milk to the city hospitals.

Letter from Heine Rix to Lloyd C. Stark regarding Pendergast influence in the appointment of the St. Joseph postmaster and other local political news.

Unsigned letter to "Mr. Shockley" criticizing the work of the Insurance Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives, a group charged with investigating insurance scandals perpretrated by affiliates of the Pendergast Machine.

Unsigned letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, including a clipping from the Kansas City Times, regarding the demand to prosecute violations of election laws. The letter also mentions that Prosecutor Tom Graves intends to marry the widow of John Lazia.

Letter from Dr. W. T. Elam to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting with concern that political candidates in northwest Missouri counties "are almost without exception afraid or hesitate to express theri attitude in regard to State issues because of their fear that there might be reprisals by the friends of the K.C.

Letter from an unknown constituent in Kansas City complaining about the illegal activities of a pool hall in northeast Kansas City.

Letter from Tony Buford to Lloyd C. Stark discussing his projection for the make up of the next House of Representatives, as well as support for Stark vs. William Hirth for governor.

Letter from Charles L. Dunham to Jesse Barrett discussing his hopes for the upcoming election.

Letter from J. R. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing frustration with a 1938 election. Smith also describes having had 70 head of cattle stolen and having abandoned his farm as a result.

The Footman newsletter, containing an article by William Hirth for Missouri Ruralist entitled "Hirth Supports Judge Douglas," a recap of a meeting of the Democratic Equal Rights Club. The paper endorses James V. Billings for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter to Lloyd Stark in which W. M. Ledbetter informs him of information about Republican misdeeds in St. Louis, which may serve to distract the public from complaints about Stark's apparent affiliation with Tom Pendergast.