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Missouri vs. John Gadwood: Opinion

Court Opinion by Judge George R. Ellison for Criminal Case No. 34750: State of Missouri vs. John Gadwood, Appellant. Upon reviewing the assignments of error in Gadwood's motion for a new trial, Ellison affirms that Gadwood was guilty of murdering Lee Flacy on March 27, 1934. The alleged murder occurred "during a city election in Kansas City at a restaurant located at 5824 Swope Parkway, two doors from the polling place for the 25th precinct of the 16th ward." Gadwood was the "rabbit" faction ward leader and Flacy was a "goat" faction precinct captain.

Memorandum Regarding Stark Campaign

Memoradum discussing plans for Lloyd Stark's gubernatorial campaign. It notes the importance of announcing the Pendergast endorsement quickly and openly "to prevent, as far as possible, a 'reconsideration' later." It also discusses plans for establishing Stark-for-Governor clubs throughout the state, establishing patronage, finance and executive committees, and how to deal with the likely anti-Pendergast movement.

Memo from Margaret Carr to Mr. Forman

Office memo from Margaret Carr to Mr. Forman, with the subject line indicating the content is "confidential information from Mr. Harnsbarger." The memo reports that Dick Nacy intends to run for state chairman, and that he will likely receive the support of the Pendergast machine if Jim Aylward opts out.

Memo for the Press

Memo for the press containing a response from Governor Lloyd C. Stark to a report from the US Senate's Gillette Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures. Stark says the report proves that allegations against his camapign were "just another effort of the Pendergast remnants and their allies in the 'smear Stark movement' designed to put the Pendergast crowd back in control of Missouri."

Letters from Orville Chowning to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Orville Chowning to Governor Lloyd C. Stark requesting campaign literature from the James Douglas campaign to counteract efforts for James Billings in Madison. He writes that a local Pendergast leader "has had Judge Billings on exhibition here. Don't think he made any too good an impression."

Letter to the Editor from J. C. Henderson

Letter from J. C. Henderson to the Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch criticizing their editorial of Feb. 25, 1932, and defending the Pendergast regime.

Letter from W. Fairleigh Enright to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from W. F. Enright to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing support for James Douglas's Missouri Supreme Court campaign in Buchanan County. Enright suggests Stark and Douglas "could arrive at noon or shortly after in order that we might have our parade through the downtown district during the noon hour," as well as other events with supporters.

Letter from Shackelford to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from "Shack" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting on the state of the Missouri Supreme Court campaign in eastern Missouri, and stating there is ample support for James Douglas in Cape Girardeau County, for James Billings in Lewis County, and that Pemiscot and New Madrid Counties are undecided. Shack also reports that he is sure "that at least 90 percent of the vets in the state will be for Douglas."

Letter from Ruben R. Schade to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Ruben R. Schade to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting on the state of the Douglas-Billings Missouri Supreme court race in southeast Missouri counties, as well as other updates about regional politics.

Letter from R. Emmet O'Malley to Robert E. Hannegan

Letter from R. Emmet O'Malley, director of the Kansas City Water Department, to Robert E. Hannegan, regarding the candidacy of Mrs. McDaniels for statewide office. McDaniels was supported by "the St. Louis organization," and Tom Pendergast stated that he would not oppose their candidate. O'Malley writes that he "talked both with Jim Aylward and Senator Truman; both expressed themselves in accordance with Mr. Pendergast's views."

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to the James Douglas Campaign Headquarters

Letter from Governor Lloyd C. Stark to the headquarters of James Douglas' campaign for Missouri Supreme Court, asking them to look into whether Anna Watson of Marceline is working for the Billings campaign, as she said she was obligated to Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Fred Blair Townsend

Letter from Governor Lloyd C. Stark to Hon. Fred Blair Townsend, regarding Missouri's delegation to the Democratic National Convention. Stark says he believes that "Missouri is safely in line with the Roosevelt forces."