Overland Park School

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Photograph of students and a teacher standing outside of Overland Park Grade School, circa 1920. Twenty-six young children are pictured in two rows, with their female teacher standing behind. A sign over an adjacent door reads "Standard School." 

Photograph of Overland Park School teachers circa 1930. The group of ten women and one man stand outside the school, located near 82nd and Lowell in Overland Park, Kansas.

Photograph of the Overland Park Grade School basketball team in 1922. Seven young men in athleticwear and their coach are pictured in front of a chalkboard. A basketball on the lap of a player in the front row reads "OPGS 1922-23."

Photograph of the stone Overland Park School building, built in 1909, near the intersection of Robinson and Santa Fe in Overland Park. The grade school was constructed on land donated by William Strang, and was destroyed fire in January, 1920.