Lincoln University

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Letter from University of Missouri President Frederick A. Middlebush to NAACP attorney Sidney R.

Memorandum recounting a meeting with Lucile Bluford as recounted by S. W. Canada, registrar at the University of Missouri.

Telegram from Lucile Bluford to University of Missouri registrar S. W. Canada, stating that she feels it is unfair she has to continue to wait to enroll in graduate journalism courses after two years of attempting to gain admission, and reiterating that Lincoln University does not offer such coursework and insisting that MU admit her.

Letter from Lucile Bluford to University of Missouri registrar S. W. Canada, reporting that she has applied to Lincoln University for graduate work in journalism, but that they offer no journalism courses. She says there will therefore be applying to MU for the semester beginning Friday of that week.

Letter from Rubey M. Hulen to William Hogsett and Kenneth Teasdale regarding state appropriations for Lincoln University. The chairman of Lincoln's board informed the state senate that they could start an operate a school of journalism for $65,000, and Hulen is looking to ensure that the amount is earmarked specifically for that purpose.

Letter from Charles H. Houston to William S. Hogsett regarding the Bluford vs. Canada case, writing that he has advised Lucile Bluford that she has "an independent cause of action" against S. W.

Brief written by attorneys representing the University of Missouri and it's registrar, S. W. Canada, in Lucile Bluford's appeal in her suit attempting to gain admission to the university's graduate journalism program.

Letter from William S. Hogsett to Rubey M. Hulen, agreeing that the $65,000 state appropriation for Lincoln University be earmarked for a School of Journalism, though expressing disappointment that more funding would not be available for other departments.

Defendant's requested instructions in Civil Case No. 128: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada.

Letter from Rubey M. Hulen to William S.

Clipping from an unknown newspaper regarding the establishment of a law school at Lincoln University, in reaction to the decision in the Gaines v. Canada U.s. Supreme Court case. In the article, Lincoln president Sherman D. Scruggs states that the law school would be established in time for the start of the next fall semester.

Clipping from the January 1, 1940 edition of the Columbia (Mo.) Star, reporting the dismissal of a case filed by Lloyd Gaines in an attempt to gain admission to the University of Missouri Law School, due to the inability of Gaines' attorneys to locate their client for the prior ten months. Gaines, whose initial suit reached the U.S.