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Photograph of of KMBC radio broadcaster Phil Evans presenting a plaque to reprentatives of the Shawnee Mission Rural High School chapter of the Future Farmers of America in 1940 or 1941. The FFA students are identified as G. E. Liddle, left, and Phil Erickson, right.

Photograph of a large group of male Future Farmers of America participants with program advisor Harold Garver and KMBC broadcaster Phil Evans in 1940 or 1941. Evans stands to the left of the image; Garver, to the right, was the Shawnee Mission FFA chapter advisor from its inception in 1929.

Photograph of two young men and three older men gathered in a radio station circa 1939. The young men, identified as Albert Coates on the left and Stephen Ching on the right, are standing at a KMBC radio station microphone, holding papers in their hands. Older men in ties stand around them, and a piano is visible in the background.

Promotional postcard from KMBC radio station featuring a photograph of Phil Evans and Tex Owens from 1935. Broadcaster Evans and country singer/songerwriter Evans, known as "The Original Texas Ranger" on his KMBC program, are seated around a KMBC microphone, with Evans holding a guitar and dressed in a suit and cowboy hat.

KMBC radio promotion of "Through the Symphony Orchestra" an music education and appreciation program with host P. Hans Flath, announcer Woody Smith, and members of the KMBC Symphony Orchestra. After a description of the program, Flath breaks down the musical work, Dance of the hours by Amilcare Ponchielli.

KMBC radio broadcast of "Skipper Hawkins and his Jolly Crew", a dramatic-musical children's radio program sponsored by Sewall Paint and Varnish Company.

Extant excerpt of a KMBC special radio broadcast: While touring floor-to-floor through the new police headquarters building, KMBC correspondenct Neil Keen interviews various Kansas City police officers about their work and their opinion on the new building.

Extant excerpt of a KMBC special radio broadcast: Three Kansas City police reporters talk about their work, about Kansas City crime, and share their on-the-job stories. Discussion of Frank Nash, Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, and Otto Higgins are included.

KMBC radio audition recording of "The Gossip Club", a daily talk show for sponsorship by General Electric. The program is hosted Paul Henning and Gomer Cool with guests Verlia Malone and Elaine "Bubbles" Malone, the wife and daughter of Ted Malone, respectively.

KMBC radio broadcast of an informational fishing program for sponsorship by John Deere with host Neil Keen and guest O. V. Sanders.

Excerpt of the first recording take of a KMBC news broadcast on June 8, 1937. This excerpt covers a local hotel strike, sports headlines, and the local weather with advertisements for Clark's Coffee.

Excerpt of a KMBC spot news and women's news broadcast on October 10, 1938. Host Betty Corbin covers the Kansas City weather forecast, Kansas City liquor tax raids, a local hardship story in St. Joseph, and a theft in Detroit.