James Street

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View of Kansas City, Kansas, from Intercity Viaduct.

Postcard showing the Intercity Viaduct (foreground), James Street (background), the Kansas River (left), and Kansas City, Kansas (right). This vantage point faces southwest from a railroad bridge northeast of the Intercity Viaduct. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to Mrs. Lee Moore of Lock Springs, Missouri.

Meat Packers

Photograph of unidentified men and women with sausages and other meats; meat stamped with "Fowler's" stamp of The Fowler Packing Company.

Last Streetcar over "L" Road

Photograph of men standing on the James Street Station Platform, Kansas City, Kansas before the last streetcar to pass over the elevated street railway, also known as the "L" structure. This streetcar line connected the West Bottoms with downtown Kansas City, Missouri via the 8th Street Tunnel. It was closed that day after 35 years of use as the "L" structure on the west side of the route was in disrepair. Businessmen demanded repairs and five years later it was re-opened for use.

Fowler Packing Company Plant, Kansas City, Kansas

Undated illustration of the Fowler Packing Company meatpacking plant in the Central Industrial District, adjacent to the Kansas City Stockyards.

Armour Packing Company

Photographic print of a drawing of the Armour Packing Company, once located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and James Street in Kansas City, Kansas. This vantage point faces north and shows James Street (left) and Central Avenue (foreground). The statistics given with the print indicate the plant has a "daily killing capacity" of 12,000 hogs, 4,000 cattle, and 5,000 sheep. It also provides total shipments for the "last fiscal year": 632,575,000 lbs. of meat, 40,000,000 lbs of canned meat, and 75,000,000 lbs of lard.