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Holy Cross School Class of 1938

Individulal portrait photographs of the 35 students comprising the Holy Cross School Class of 1938 with lettering by Merritt Powles. Also included is a photograph of Reverend J. P. Prendergast. Students: Rosemary Sanford, Joseph M. Verrone, Lillian DeGhelder, Angelo Pasano, Betty J. Conrick, Paul J. Christman, Mary J. Riley, Irvin C. O'Grady, Irene McElwain, Albert L. Bruch, Rose E. Tuohey, James E. Monahan, Terrance E. VanBuskirk, Mary Fisher, Robert Gorman, William L. Walters, Mary M. McElligott, Robert E. Arndt, Rosalee Palmisano, Bonniebel Kiefer, James Witthar, Bonald V.

Holy Cross School Class of 1927

Individulal portrait photographs of the 31 students comprising the Holy Cross School Class of 1927. Also included is a photograph of Reverend J. P. Prendergast.

Holy Cross School 4th Grade Class of 1930

Photograph of the fourth grade class of 1930 at the Holy Cross School. This vantage point faces east towards the southwest entrance to the Holy Cross Catholic Church.

Guy B. Park

Portrait photograph of Guy B. Park, governor of Missouri from 1933-1937. Park was principal speaker at the Court of Honor, December 21, 1937 at Holy Cross School Auditorium.

Gladstone School Kindergarten

Circa 1940 photograph with an interior view of kindergarten age children on a jungle gym at Gladstone School. Includes a sheet which identifies each child and provides their address. Miss Marie Casper is listed as the instructor.

From Unknown to Governor Lloyd Stark

Letter from an unknown constituent in Kansas City complaining about the illegal activities of a pool hall in northeast Kansas City.

From Ralph Hickman to 10th Ward Democratic Club Members

Letter from 10th Ward Precinct Captains Ralph Hickman and Edward Lamasney to their constituents before the 1940 primary election. Hickman asserts "that all Democratic candidates are good citizens and worthy of the offices for which they have filed." However, Hickman includes with the letter a sample democratic primary ballot that indicates which Democrats the Tenth Ward Democratic Club, Inc. and the Tenth Ward Regular Democratic Club would like their members to vote for. This includes Harry S. Truman for Senator in Congress for Missouri.

From Lauretta S. Canfield to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Lauretta S. Canfield to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing the support of the women of Independence Avenue Methodist Church in his work enforcing liquor and gambling laws, stating that "As christian citizens WE pledge our co-operation to do all we can for the betterment of our City and State."

From J. E. Connor to Guy B. Park

Letter from J. E. Connor to Guy B. Park regarding his application for a job and the endorsements he has and is seeking from Pendergast and others.

Father John P. Prendergast

Photograph of Father John P. Prendergast, pastor of Holy Cross Catholic Church from 1907-1942.

Budd Park Christian Church

Circa 1925 photograph of Budd Park Christian Church located at southwest corner of St. John Avenue and Brighton Avenue.

Bruno Nicoli and Joseph Scanlon at Corpus Christi Procession

Photograph of Boy Scouts Troop 80 Scoutmaster Bruno Nicoli and Joseph Scanlon, Assistant Chief Scout Excecutive. This photograph was taken facing northeast towards the Quincy Avenue entrance to the Holy Cross Catholic Church during the Corpus Christi Procession on May 30, 1929