Harrison Street

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Photograph of the altar of St. James Church, Kansas City, Missouri.

Letter from Thelma Strauss to Sam Hargus asking for advice on getting a recommendation for a state job.

Letter from Mrs. B. Marts to Guy B. Park reporting on rampant voter fraud in Kansas City.

This photograph was taken looking west on the northwest corner of Admiral Boulevard and Harrison Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The buildings pictured have since been demolished for the construction of Interstate Highway 70.

An autochrome photograph of Frank Lauder's mother, Laura C. Lauder, with spirea flowers. The picture was taken looking northeast on Mother's Day, 1933 on her property.

An autochrome photograph of Lucian Rosenwald's tulip garden. This vantage point faces west-northwest with the house at 4309 Campbell Street in the left background. Rosenwald was an office manager for a real estate company.