Funston Road

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Inland Aviation Company

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view of Inland Aviation Company, also known as Inland Aircraft Company, once located at the southeast corner of Fairfax Road (presently Fairfax Trafficway) and Funston Road in Kansas City, Kansas. The Inland Sport was the first plane built and one of the fastest personal planes of the period. The Depression caused the company, in business only 22 months, to go bankrupt. It was known for its racers.

Fairfax Industrial Airport

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view of Fairfax Industrial Airport in Kansas City, Kansas. It is noted on the back of the photograph that Curtiss Wright is at the northern end of the field. This vantage point faces northeast an shows the intersection of Funston Road and Fairfax Road (presently Fairfax Trafficway) in the center.

Curtiss-Wright Flying Schools: Standardized Flying Courses

Promotional pamphlet from the Curtiss-Wright Flying school. The pamphlet gives detailed descriptions of the standard courses and methods of instruction and gives more detailed information regarding the commercial pilot's course, the transport pilot's course, the seaplane pilot's course, a listing of all the flying service bases, the Curtiss-Wright Base of Kansas City, and financial planning for students.