Forest Avenue

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Photograph with caption, "looking west from Forest Avenue" just south of 47th Street and showing the proposed east extension of 48th Street.

Small pamphlet advertising pediatric medical school programs for African American doctors and nurses at the Mercy-Wheatley Ward for Colored Children at Wheatley Hospital, sponsored by Mercy Hospital for Children.

Pamphlet detailing the social services available from the Italian Mission at 505 Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo. sponsored by the Central Presbyterian Church since ca. 1893. Includes staff directory, mission history, clubs, and facilities.

Photograph with full frontal and side view of the A&P Grocery Store at the southwest corner of Linwood Boulevard and Forest Avenue.

Photograph with interior view of the A&P Grocery Store at its store opening at the southwest corner of Linwood Boulevard and Forest Avenue.

Photograph of the Central Italian Evangelical Chapel. Sign on building identifies as Chiesa Evangelica Italiana. This vantage point faces east from the west side of Forest venue just south of 5th Street.

Photograph with interior view of Donnelly Garment Company Christmas party given by employees in honor of Nell Donnelly Reed's son, David, at the Linwood Christian Community Church at the southwest corner of Forest Avenue and Linwood Boulevard.

Photograph of the first St. Francis Xavier Church, constructed at the northwest corner of 53rd Street and Forest Avenue in 1910. The building was destroyed by a fire on September 19, 1925.

1940's photograph of homes in Columbus Park at the northwest corner of 4th Street (Linden Avenue) and Forest Avenue. 4th Street is shown receding into the left background.

Staged shot with a fake camera on the roof of the Laugh-O-Gram building. Walt Disney holding a gun over Carman Maxwell; Ub Iwerks is "directing"; Adolph Kloepper behind the camera; Rudolf Ising standing in the background.

A group of people working in the Laugh-O-Gram office, located in the second story of the McConahay Building at 31st Street and Forest Avenue. Posters for 'Jack and the Beanstalk', and for 'Goldie Locks and the Three Bears' are shown.

Walt Disney seated at a drawing board at Laugh-O-Gram Films/Disney Studio in Kansas City, Missouri.