Fairfax Airport

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From Perrin D. McElroy to Harry S. Truman

Letter from business manager Perrin D. McElroy to Senator Harry S. Truman. McElroy informs Truman of the proposed development of new runways at the Fairfax Airport in Kansas City, Kansas, and McElroy asks him to support this endeavor.

Fairfax Airport

1930's photograph of the Fairfax Airport in Kansas City, Kansas. The airport was active between the years 1921 and 1985.

Curtiss-Wright Flying Service, Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, Kansas

Circa 1930's photograph of six men in white coveralls kneeling in front of a Curtiss-Wright Flying Service single-engine aircraft at the Fairfax Airport in Kansas City, Kansas.

Curtiss-Wright Flying Schools: Standardized Flying Courses

Promotional pamphlet from the Curtiss-Wright Flying school. The pamphlet gives detailed descriptions of the standard courses and methods of instruction and gives more detailed information regarding the commercial pilot's course, the transport pilot's course, the seaplane pilot's course, a listing of all the flying service bases, the Curtiss-Wright Base of Kansas City, and financial planning for students.