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From Ruby Henshaw to Lloyd Stark

Letter from Ruby Henshaw describing the results of the recent elections in Kansas City, remarking that Tom Pendergast and his affiliates were victorious. She also comments on the poor state of economic affairs in Kansas City, and also provides some personal updates and business suggestions for Stark's nursery & orchard operation.

From Mrs. L.M. Fry to Governor Stark

Letter to the Governor from Mrs. L. M. Fry describing corruption and injustices occuring at her husband's job.

From J. T. Pinnell to Governor Stark

Letter from J. T. Pinnell to Governor Lloyd Stark identifying persons in McDonald County who worked against Republican interests in recent elections. Pinnell describes the Pendergast machine as a "hydra headed monster."

From E.A. Whitener to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter from a former timekeeper on a Missouri WPA project, describing the corruption in place regarding the awarding of jobs. Gov. Lloyd Stark is CC-ed on the letter.

From David C. Bagby to Governor Stark

Letter from Kansas City resident David C. Bagby which claims that, despite some reforms, the Pendergast machine still controls the city, particularly the jobs.

From Arnold W. Cooper to Gov. Lloyd Stark

Letter from a construction foreman praising Gov. Stark for removing a Pendergast affiliate from the role of WPA Director. The letter outlines corruption taking place on a site at the River Des Peres near St. Louis.

From "Silent Listner" to Gov. Stark

Anonymous letter to Governor Stark congratulating him on efforts to remove Matt Murray from oversight of the state W.P.A. The author also alerts the Governor to another potential scandal involving a W. P. A. construction project in Kansas City.