Coon-Sanders Band

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A home motion picture created by Carleton Coon, consisting of clips including: Floyd Estep, Downing, Sanders and others on road and working on cars; Downing, Sanders, Richolson, "Pop" Estep on sidewalk in front of Hotel De Soto and John T.

A home motion picture created by Carleton Coon, consisting of clips including: "Pop" Estep at Harding Home and Museum in Marion OH; Harding Memorial under construction; Band playing baseball in town with children; Home of William McKinley (S.W. corner of 8th St. and Market Ave.

A home motion picture created by Carleton Coon, consisting of clips including: Footage of Sanders and Coon; Coon children in city and at home (820 W. 71st Terr.); Coon talking; Harold Thiel, Carleton Coon and Eula Coon in city; Coon home exterior; John Coon skating and Coon daughter dancing in front of home; More footage of Sanders and Coon.

A home motion picture created by Carleton Coon, consisting of clips including: Garden footage with Materna statue (unidentified location); Park footage with fountain (unidentified location); Model boat on water; Statue of Edward Bates blown over by tornado; Post-tornado footage of St. Louis (Sept.

Joe Sanders

The advent of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s made a local Kansas City musical group popular all over the country. Joe Sanders together with Carleton Coon formed a band that became known as the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks. They started out playing at the Plantation Grill in the Hotel Muehlebach, and local radio station WDAF broadcast their show across the airwaves.

The cover, back, and excerpts of a program for the Isis Theatre at 31st Street and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The back includes an advertisement for Earll & Gehring's Original Doughnut Shops. Also included is an advertisement for the Isis Cafeteria featuring the Carleton-Coons-Sanders Novelty Orchestra.

Interior view of the original Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra seated and posed with their instruments. Identified in Edmiston's book as left to right: Nick Musolino, Pop Estep, Joe Richolson, Joe Sanders, Carleton Coon, Bill Haid, John Thiell, Orville Knapp, and Harold Thiell. 

Joe sanders

Portrait of Joe Sanders seated at the piano.

Carleton Coon and Joe Sanders

Interior pose of Joe Sanders on the left and Carleton Coon on the right. Probably taken in Kansas City around 1919-1920.

Coon Sanders Band

Group pose identified on the drum as Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra, Gayety Theatre Bldg., Kansas City Missouri.  Includes Joe Sanders at the piano and Carleton Coon by smaller drum. Other members not identified. Believed to be early group, although probably not the first.

Coon Sanders Band

As Bennie Moten, George E. Lee, and other African American bandleaders based at 18th and Vine pioneered a new style of jazz, a number of white bands in downtown Kansas City were performing a style of hot jazz modeled after nationally popular white bands. Ironically, while Kansas City would gain renown for its great African American bands that barnstormed across country, it was a white dance band, the Coon-Sanders Nighthawk Orchestra, which first established Kansas City’s national reputation as a jazz center.