Board of Election Commissioners

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Letter from David M. Proctor to Jesse Barrett discussing the Republican factions in Kansas City, particularly those who are aligned with the Pendergast Machine.

Letter from Major Gregory Vigeant, Jr., to the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners discussing issues at his polling place during August and March 1940 elections, including evidence that "a dead man and his wife in this precinct had been voted."

Letter from E. K. Bonebrake to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing his experience with machine election fraud in his role as a Republican election judge in 1936.

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing his work coordinating a new slate of city council candidates and other attempts to oust the Pendergast Machine from power.

Letter from Spencer Salisbury to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing the election board and voter registration in Eastern Jackson County ahead of the Douglas-Billings Supreme Court vote.