6th Street

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Walsix Building

Circa 1928 photograph with rear and side view of the Walsix Building, located at the southwest corner of 6th and Walnut streets. This vantage point faces north on the east side of Walnut Street between 6th Street and 7th Street.

Walnut Street South from 6th

Photograph looking south along the west side of Walnut Street at 6th Street. The Western Union Telegraph building is pictured to the left.

Soup line

Soup line at the northeast corner of 6th and Delaware, in Kansas City, Missouri. From: Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Graham Paper Company

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal and side view of the Graham Paper Company, once located at the northeast corner of 6th Street and Broadway Boulevard. Other businesses in view include Kansas City Furnace Company and Sleek-Warwick Paper Company.

From Ralph B. Shepard to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Ralph B. Shepard to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, concerned about the safety and honesty of upcoming elections. He claims that "on Election day [the machine will] allow 20 votes to the Honest people and 630 to the Crooked Machine."

From J. D. Barksdale to Gov. Ben Paulen

Letter from Rev. J. D. Barksdale, editor of the Western Christian Recorder, to Governor Ben Paulen regarding concerns about F. J. Peck, president of Western University. Barksdale writes to offer the opinion that Superintendent F. J.

Commercial National Bank Building

Photograph of the exterior of the Commercial National Bank building on the southwest corner of 6th & Minnesota in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. The Exchange State Bank is also visible in the background.

City Directory Portrait of Flo Beach

Portrait and contact information for Flo Beach, Kansas City resident in 1905.

City Directory Contact Information for Goldie Gordon

City directory contact information for Goldie Gordon, Kansas City resident in 1905.

City Directory Address Card for Corinne

City directory address card for Corinne, Kansas City resident in 1905.

Broken Chords

Pamphlet describing the history and purpose of City Union Mission after 15 years of service. The Mission asserts its mission to shelter and feed people in need, and writes that "to help a man without belittling him ...

6th Street Trafficway and Grand Avenue

This photograph was taken looking west-northwest at the intersection of 6th Street Trafficway and Grand Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Almost all of the buildings in this photograph were demolished for the construction of Interstate Highway 35/70. Advertisements for Dodge, Harris-Goar, Creme Oil, and the 1925 film "Wages for Wives" are shown on Merrit Outdoor Advertising Co. billboards. Also pictured is the Portland Hotel Annex and an autopark.