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Portrait of Corinthian Clay Nutter circa 1940. Born in Texas, Nutter moved to Kansas City at age 16 and worked as a pianist and organist.

Portrait of Marguerite Peet wearing a dark riding habit, including gloves and crop, circa 1938. She is photographed standing in 3/4 profile to the camera.

Portrait photograph of the Page family of Olathe, Kansas, in the 1920s. David Page is seated at left, next to Mariah Cartwright. Standing behind them, from left to right, are David's daughters Lora Page Moore (born 1877) and Grace Page Stuart (born 1875). 

Portrait photograph of Herman Langworthy circa 1932. Langworthy was a Kansas City attorney and partner in the firm of Langworthy, Matz & Linde.

Headshot photograph of Lois Hutchins Sanders circa 1930. Sanders is dressed a light-colored dress with a metallic or crystal-covered back detail with a dark fur stole draped over her shoulders.

Photograph of Dr. Mary Myrtle Ozias Hill circa 1925. Hill practiced medicine in Kansas City, and was daughter of Dr. Charles O. Ozias, sister of Dr. Charles R. Ozias, and wife of Dr. Howard Hill. She passed away on December 19, 1947, at St. Joseph Hospital, where both Drs. Hill had practiced, at the age of 61.

Photograph of two uniformed Strang Line employees circa 1915. The Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway, commonly known as the Strang Line, operated between Johnson County and Kansas City from 1906 to 1940. 

Portrait of Frank Moore, Johnson County sheriff from 1935 to 1937. 

Portrait of Frank P. Walsh, progressive lawyer and labor advocate. Taken around 1915.

Portrait of Frank P. Walsh, progressive lawyer and labor advocate. Taken between 1910 and 1925.

Portrait of John B. Gage, reform mayoral candidate in 1940.

Portrait of Elsie Child (Mrs. H. C. Child), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1938-1940. Portrait of Leona Koehler Ryan (Mrs. L. K. Ryan), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1940-1942.