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Glimpses In and Around Kansas City

Small book containing prints of Kansas City attractions, including the outside and grand lobby of Union Station, Grand Avenue looking south from 8th Street, Petticoat Lane looking east, the lake and speedway in Penn Valley Park, Armour Boulevard, the entrance and shelter house of Swope Park, Gladstone Boulevard with view of R. A. Long residence, Cliff Drive, The Paseo, and Coates Drive.

Ghosts in the Heart of America

Pamphlet describing how Pendergast, "King of Kansas City, Emperor of Missouri," and his machine gained power in Kansas City and its role in statewide election fraud.

From J. W. Schwickrath to Lloyd Stark

Letter and enclosed pamphlet entitled "The Truth" concerning Missouri Secretary of Insurance R. Emmet O'Malley and his supposed antipathy toward the Knights of Columbus.

Donnelly Garment Company vs. International Ladies Garment Workers Union, et al.: Exhibit "50", Donnelly Garment Company Promotional Pamphlet

A pamphlet showcasing six wardrobes from Nelly Don Soapsuds Fashions'. This specific document was mailed to Miss Adelaide Navious of 3028 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. The pamphlet also advertises Nelly Don Week, April 27 to May 3 at Emery, Bird, Thayer & Company at 1016-1018 Grand Avenue (now Grand Boulevard), Kansas City, Missouri.

Does It Pay to Help Them?: A Few Facts for the Good Citizen

Booklet describing the history, purpose, and operation of The Helping Hand Institute of Kansas City, Missouri. The document details the necessity for prosperous citizens to donate to the organization so that they may help the homeless find employment. Also included are pictures of the organization's facilities and beneficiaries.

Democratic Candidates on a Platform of Honesty, Economy, Efficiency, and Progress

Election pamphlet giving brief biographies and formal portraits of major Democratic candidates running for office in 1924, from President to Jackson County public administrator. These candidates include Lewis C. Ayers for County Surveyor, Burto Z. Palmer for County Assessor, Fred W. Klaber for Public Administrator, Charles D. Capelle for Sheriff, Thomas W. Alton for Prosecuting Attorney, Dr. Harry Czarlinsky for Coroner, C. A. Winfrey for County Treasurer, John W. Davis for President, Arthur W. Nelson for Governor, George H. Combs, Jr. for Congress, B.

Curtiss-Wright Flying Schools: Standardized Flying Courses

Promotional pamphlet from the Curtiss-Wright Flying school. The pamphlet gives detailed descriptions of the standard courses and methods of instruction and gives more detailed information regarding the commercial pilot's course, the transport pilot's course, the seaplane pilot's course, a listing of all the flying service bases, the Curtiss-Wright Base of Kansas City, and financial planning for students.

Checking Commercialized Vice in Kansas City

The Officers of the Society the Society for Suppression of Commercialized Vice's platform against vice and prostitution. The article covers the clean-up efforts taken to counter vice and how law enforcement is cracking down on all law violators. Document contains a reprint of a letter and the text of the Abatement Act. The article concludes with the attempts of the Society to push the Abatement Act into law.

Broken Chords

Pamphlet describing the history and purpose of City Union Mission after 15 years of service. The Mission asserts its mission to shelter and feed people in need, and writes that "to help a man without belittling him ...

Brief History of the W.C.T.U. Carry A. Nation Home

Pamphlet containing a brief history of the Women's Christian Temperance Union Carry A. Nation Home in Kansas City, Kansas. The document begins with a biography of "Carry A. Nation, the Kansas Saloon Smasher", followed by the eventual acquisition of Nation's home by the W.C.T.U. This is followed by a profile of the administrators of the home up until publication in April 1928.

A Ten Years' Survey of Seclusion Maternity Service

Survey of the Willows Maternity Sanitarium for review by doctors across the country. In the foreword of the document concludes with the following: "After perusing this review, the doctor will not hesitate in recommending any good girl who has made the error of the flesh, to repair to The Willows for seclusion and protection. Any fear he or the patient's family might have of her being thrown among the undesirables and under demoralizing influences, will be dispelled by the charts herein presented...

"Kansas City's New Deal, The Citizens' Fusion Ticket"

Pamphlet that states the political stance of the anti-Pendergast Citizens' Fusion Ticket in Kansas City and provides biographies for their candidates. These figures include: Thos. Leslie Johnson, John R. Suddarth, Alex S. Rankin, Frank H. Backstrom, Carll V. Kretsinger, William H. Wilson, Claude A. Ferguson, Dr. Arthur H. Wells, Frederick E. Whitten, Colonel D. S. Adams, and A. Ross Hill.