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When You Buy A Home Site: You Make An Investment; Try to Make It A Safe One

Reprint of a J.C. Nichols article regarding a new subdivision opening in Kansas City. He gives an account of the struggles and successes of the development of this new subdivision and as a real-estate agent. Nichols relates his experiences working with sellers and buyers to provide the best possible home investments and the struggles of the housing market.

Truman's First Nomination for Senator was Stolen

Pamphlet written by Ewing Young Mitchell, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce in Franklin D. Roosevelt administration's first term. He asserts "[t]he first nomination for United States Senator of Harry S. Truman was stolen," and proceeds to argue that point. The Pendergast machine is described as "the most corrupt, the most brazen, gang of thieves who ever looted an American city," and describes the Pendergasts' businesses' activities and obstructions around the city.

The Willows Hospital Alumni Officers and By-Laws

Small booklet detailing the officers and by-laws for The Willows Maternity Sanitarium Alumni. Listed officers are Mildred D. Hickman, President; Lucy A. Mize, Vice-President; Faye Witter, Secretary & Treasurer.

The Kansas City Club

Booklet touting the new Kansas City Club building, to be located at the northwest corner of 13th and Baltimore, planned to be "nine or more stories high" and containing "all features and departments essential to an up to date club," including a billiard room, ladies' dining room, barber shop, Turkish bath, and "seventy-five to one hundred bed rooms." Total cost for the new facilty is projected to be $1,000,000. Membership requirements are included.

The Italian Mission

Pamphlet detailing the social services available from the Italian Mission at 505 Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo. sponsored by the Central Presbyterian Church since ca. 1893. Includes staff directory, mission history, clubs, and facilities.

The Four Horsemen of the Pendergast Machine

Pamphlet written by Ewing Young Mitchell, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce in Franklin D. Roosevelt administration's first term. He first responds to Harry Truman's statement to a reporter that "he never had sought the support of the Pendergast political organization in Missouri" and that the Pendergast machine was not involved in scandal until after he was elected to the Senate.

The Endowment of Saint Luke's Hospital

Booklet describing the services rendered at St. Luke's Hospital, located at 44th Street and Mill Creek Parkway [presently J C Nichols Parkway] in Kansas City, Missouri. Also included are photographs of the interior and exterior of the hospital, resolutions of the hospital's endowment fund, and appeals for donations to the endowment.

Ten Years of Fighting Vice in Kansas City Missouri

Report published by the Kansas City Society for Suppression of Commercialized Vice describing the actions of the society to combat local vice and to stay "the invidious and deathly march of human lechery and moral degeneracy in our midst." The group participated in the formation of the Injunction and Abatement bill through which "houses of prostitution are defined as nuisances," in taking action against Annie Chambers' "immoral resort," and in fighting "the allied evils of the liquor and drug habits" with the help of of local police and judges.

Summer Views in Willows Maternity Sanitarium

Circa 1926 picture book depicting Willows Maternity Sanitarium during the summer months. Included are pictures of the staff with infants born at the institution, as well as photographs of the facilities. This pamphlet was published for perusal by doctors with patients in need of a maternity hospital.

St. Teresa College Promotional Brochure

Promotional brochure for St. Teresa College, "the only Catholic College for women in Kansas City." The pamphlet includes photographs and information on location, programs, coursework, and expenses.

Souvenir, Unity School of Christianity

The University School of Christianity presents "The Growth of Unity," an address Lowell Fillmore gave in July, 1923, at the Unity Conference and Healing Revival. Fillmore recounts  the hardships he experienced growing and the Christian influence his parents had on him.

Rules of the W.C.T.U. Home

Rulebook for the Woman's Christian Temperance Union Carry A. Nation Home in Kansas City, Kansas. The document outlines the duties of the residents, superintendent, and board of directors. Also included are rules for donations and rights of donors as well as terms for beneficiaries. The document lists the address as 723 Grandview Avenue, but post address was changed during the time period to 738 Broadview Avenue.