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Letter from Pastor Salvino Zanon to the court in Case No. 548628: Missouri vs. Peter DiGiovanni and Joseph DiGiovanni. Zanon attests that the two DiGiovanni brothers are charitable and of high moral character.

Court Opinion by Commissioner James A. Cooley for Case No. 30195: State of Missouri, Respondent, vs. John Messino, Appellant. After considering Messino's appeal, Cooley affirms the initial judgment that Messino is guilty of killing traffic officer James H.

Respondent's Statement, Abstract of the Record and Brief for Case No. 25240: State of Missouri, Respondent, vs. Cyreal Daugherty, Appellant. In this document, the Supreme Court of Missouri finds that Daugherty's guilty verdict is sufficient based on the given evidence. He was charged with ten years of imprisonment for robbing Ray E.

Permit for Dancing granted for a dance with "Co Eds" at Lincoln Hall from the Kansas City Department of Welfare, Division of Recreation.

Pro Forma Decree of Incproration of the Negro Musicians Association from the Missouri Secretary of State.

Jackson County Court documents regarding the Decree of Incorporation of the Negro Musicians Association. Documents include the statement that the purpose is to "unite ...

Document noting the terms and price for the sale of 1823 Highland Avenue, described as a "4 apartment flat," which was to become the headquarters of Musician's Protective Union No. 627. The building was sold for $4,750.

Contract for the sale of 1823 Highland Avenue, which was to become the headquarters of Musician's Protective Union No. 627. The property was sold for $4750.

Contract between Musicians' Protective Union Local 627 and Harlan Leonard on terms for a performance from 10 PM to 1 AM at Co-Eds Club.

Affidavit in Criminal Case No. 7990: United States vs. Frank "Chee Chee" DeMayo, defendant. DeMayo states that the judge in his case, F. E. Kennamer, "has a personal bias or prejudice against him, and has a personal bias and prejudice in favor of ...

Verdict in the trial of Criminal Case No. 13648: United States vs. Edson M. Walker, Loretta McEntee, Chloe G. Albright, Elijah Burke, Anna V. O'Laughlin, Tessie Mears, and John L. Drummond, defendants. Walker and Drummond were found guilty in the second count of the indictment. McEntee, Burke, and O'Laughlin received no verdict.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 8550: United States vs. Joe DiGiovanni, defendant. DiGiovanni was charged with, in Count I, possessing unregistered distilling equipment, i.e.