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Letter from Governor Ben Paulen to Allen Peal regarding issues at Western University, and stating that he hopes difficulties between Peal and university president Pastor F. J. Peck will not influence Peal against him, as he refrain[s] from interferring in the conduct of state institutions or schools unless compelled to do so."

Letter from Oma R. Bell, local supervisor of the National Youth Administration Historical Records Survey, to Harold J. Henderson, state director of the Historical Records Survey project of the Federal Writers' Project, a part of the Works Progress Administration.

Letter from Charles L. Dunham to Ellison Neel in support of Neel's stance against the Pendergast machine in the press, and asking for recommendations for attorneys who are not Pendergast-affiliated, saying he "will not employ or recommend an Attorney except those who are enemies to the Pendergast outfit."

Letter from Governor Ben Paulen to F. J. Peck, president and superintendent of Western University regarding Peck's earlier requests for additional funding for the university. Paulen writes that he will discuss further appropriations with the Board of Administration.

Letter from Mendell Myers to Ellison A. Neel, in response to Neel's "courageous remarks" published in the previous day's Kansas City Star.

Letter from Mr. C. Miller, secretary to Governor Ben Paul, to Kansas state representative S. F. Paul, acknowledging receipt of his earlier letter and promising "personal attention and consideration" from Paul to come.

Letter from Inghram D. Hook to Ellison A. Neel regarding Neel's "forthright statement" in the Kansas City Star regarding the upcoming election. Hook writes that "the machine ... is on its way out."

Letter from F. J. Peck, superintendent of Western University, to Governor Ben Paulen, informing the governor that the trustees of the university elected Bishop John A. Gregg and Rev. W. H. King to replace Bishop A. J. Carey and Rev. J.C.C. Owens, respectively.

Issue of The North Side Advocate containing many reproductions of letters from various Kansas City business leaders subscribing five dollar per month for the revitalization of the Northside (current City Market and Columbus Park areas). In the form letter sent to these business leaders, M. R.

Letter from F. J. Peck, president and superintendent of Western University, to Governor Ben Paulen, regarding the removal of a Mr. Small and his replacement with Mr. Easter for a position at the university at the request of the Board of Administration and other issues of concern with the board and personnel.

Letter from Oscar B. Elam addressed to the librarian of the Kansas City Public Library offering copies of documents for the library's collection. He believes they are of interest to the public as he was the first citizen of Kansas City to demand a recall of the mayor and city council and circulate petitions to that end.

Form letter from Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. President Richard W. Robbins to his employees in which he announces that all personnel will be furloughed in ten days.