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Labor Speaks, Vol. 1, No. 1, released in July, 1940. This special publication was created ahead of the 1940 Primary Election, August 6, as an advertisement for Truman's U.S. Senate campaign. This document focuses almost entitling on praising Harry S. Truman's character and political career as a friend of labor.

Clipping and brief note encouraging Gov. Stark to crack down on illegal gambling and slot machines in Kansas City. The clipping quotes city manager Henry McElroy as saying he'll feed a Stark Brothers' Nursery Golden Delicious apple to his dog.

Unsigned letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, including a clipping from the Kansas City Times, regarding the demand to prosecute violations of election laws. The letter also mentions that Prosecutor Tom Graves intends to marry the widow of John Lazia.

Anonymous letter from "A Citizen" complaining about the Pendergast influence in Kansas City, and about their economic circumstances in a larger sense. A newspaper clipping from the Livermore (Iowa) Gazette is included.

A brief letter and accompanying newspaper article from William Hirth to Jesse Bennett. The article concerns Missouri Governor Lloyd Stark's activities in opposition to the Pendergast Machine in Kansas City.

Political cartoon and statement criticizing Lloyd Stark, Democratic candidate for Missouri Governor over the party's alleged theft of pension funds.

Political cartoon entitled "Equal Justice Under Tom's Law," depicting Tom Pendergast with the Missouri Supreme Court in his pocket.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Arthur Foster thanking him for sending the attached newspaper clipping about William Hirth, Stark's opponent in the race for governor.

Letter and newspaper clipping sent by J. R. Proctor to Governor Stark concerning the upcoming Senatorial race.

A Kansas CityJournal-Post opinion article by Westbrook Pegler arguing that in spite of rampant corruption, Thomas J. Pendergast's political machine thrives because "Mr. Pendergast runs a good town."

Booneville Daily News editorial expressing concern that voter fraud will be a problem in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Anonymous letter complaining about the potential appointment of C. K. Burroughs to be the Business Manager of the Jackson County Home for the Aged.