Ralph T. Harding, Lillie Knight, and Clarence Click

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Photograph of Ralph T. Harding, Lillie Knight, and Clarence Click (left to right) in the court room. The caption on the back of the image reads, "Watch your credit, International Chicago, 8817, 12-8-33, Charged with Kidnaping Mary McElroy: Clarence Click (right), discussing his case with Miss Lillie Knight, young woman attorney, who pleaded with a Kansas City jury not to send click to the gallows; at left is chief counsel for defense, Ralph T. Harding. Click is charged with kidnaping Miss Mary McElroy, daughter of City Manager H. F. McElroy, Sr., of Kansas City, MO, who was released by her abductors after her father had paid $30,000 ransom for her liberty. Click is the third member of the alleged kidnaping to go to trial for the kidnaping. Walter McGee, the first to be convicted, was the first man to receive the extreme penalty, death on the gallows, for the crime. His brother, George McGee, the second to be found guilty, was given a life sentence. Sent Bureus, Hearst Papers (Inter)."

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