U.S. vs. Charles Carrollo: Indictment


Indictment in Criminal Case No. 14573: United States vs. Charles V. Carrollo, defendant. Carrrollo, aka "Charlie the Wop," was a Kansas City mob boss, and was charged in connection with his application for naturalization as a United States citizen. The indictment states that Carrollo had, under oath, sworn that during the years prior to filing for naturalization, he had "behaved as a personal of good moral character," and specifically, that he had denied receiving any profit from gambling or gaming. The indictment charges that he knowingly perjured himself in doing so. Carrollo was deported to Italy in 1954 after serving a prison sentence at Alcatraz.

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Kansas City, MO
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NARA ID 573453, Criminal Case Files, 1879 - 1987
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