U.S. vs. George Arnold, Gene Riley, Irene Irvin, et al.: Indictment


Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13739: United States vs. George Arnold, Gene Riley, Irene Irvin, Robert Strohm, and Thomas Audley, defendants. The defendants were charged with conspiring to impede citizens' right to vote and have that vote truthfully counted in the 7th Precinct of the 12th Ward during the November 3, 1936 election. The indictment states that votes for the Republican presidential candidate were instead counted for other candidates, and that the defendants knew the count as recorded on tally sheets and other statements was "false, fradulent, untrue and corrupt." More than 60 votes were shifted from the Landon/Knox presidential ticket to Roosevelt/Garner, and the same number from Paul R. Byrum to C. Jasper Bell in the 4th District Congressional race. Arnold, Riley, Hallie Sperry, and Roy A. Best were acting as election judges, and Irwin and Viola Fellows served as election clerks.

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NARA ID 573453, Criminal Case Files, 1879 - 1987
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