U.S. vs. E. D. Shannabarger, Irene Brennan, Nancy Bodenhammer, et al.: Memorandum and Orders


Memorandum and orders from District Judge Merrill E. Otis on pleas in abatement, demurrers and motions to quash, and motions to squash petit jury panel in Criminal Cases No. 13682 and 13684. The document states that the reasons for overruling similar pleas in other cases are laid out in Case No. 13646, and then addresses the motion to quash the petit grand jury panel, and in doing so describes the process wherein letters of recommendation for suitable jurors were sought from prominent members of the community, and then those individuals would be randomly selected. The defense counsel argues that the solicitation letter was discriminatory in requesting "men of business affairs," thereby barring individuals engaged in other work or who are unemployed. The judge argues that in context, the request implies simply that they do not want "mere ne'er-do-wells, mere loafers, [or] mere hangers-on," but want a "higher type of juror," and so overrules the motion.

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Kansas City, MO
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NARA ID 573453, Criminal Case Files, 1879 - 1987
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