Missouri vs. Waller W. Graves: Special Commissioner's Report


Special Commissioner's Report by Leon P. Embry for Case No. 36717: State of Missouri on the information of Roy McKittrick, Attorney General, Relator, vs. Waller W. Graves, Prosecuting Attorney of Jackson County, Missouri, Respondent. Embry presents his findings of fact and conclusion of law in which he discusses "whether or not a public officer may be removed or ousted from office during one term because of misconduct or derelictions occurring during a prior term, or prior terms, of office." Embry discusses in detail a case in which Graves allegedly dismissed improperly: State v. Gargotta in which Gargotta was charged with assault with the intent to murder Thomas B. Bash, sheriff of Jackson County. Embry also discusses Graves' handling of election law violations in Kansas City during the 1936 General Election. It is this latter incident that Embry finds Graves guilty of dereliction of duty as Prosecuting Attorney of Jackson County, Missouri.

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