Missouri ex rel. Cameron L. Orr vs. Leannah Kearns, alias Annie Chambers: Opinion


Court Opinion by Commissioner James D. Lindsay for Case No. 24023: State of Missouri ex rel. Cameron L. Orr, Prosecuting Attorney of Jackson County, Missouri, Respondent, vs. Leannah Kearns, Alias Annie Chambers, Appellant. Accepting Chambers' appeal, Lindsay examines the validity of the injunction that was filed against Chambers, "restraining the defendant from maintaining a nuisance by conducting or keeping a bawdy house or house of assignation." Lindsay provides a detailed account of the premise in question and its inhabitants, and recalls a quote of one of the witnesses, saying "I went in the rear room and there was a girl in there and a man... the girl was all naked except - what do you call them - teddy bears." Lindsay concludes that the injunction should be affirmed, but reverses the order that the premise be closed for any use.

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