Interview with Sra. Josefa Aguilera Parra


Interview with Senora Josefa Aguilera Parra by Laurie Bretz as part of a project documenting the Kansas City, Kansas, Hispanic community. Aguilera describes doing farm work in California and Colorado for low pay, her experiences of and feelings about the Mexican Revolution, and later settling in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, where her husband worked in the Swift meatpacking house. She discusses the work the Mexican women did to support their families and others in the community while their husbands worked for low wage jobs, and the quality of the housing available to workers and their families at that time. She also describes union organizing at the Swift plant and how she supported her husband during strikes, and how their lives were effected by the Depression, as well as her brief return to Mexican and the changing views on immigration and discrimination.

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Kansas City, KS
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Kansas City, Kansas, Spanish Speaking office interviews and slides, RH MS 752
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