Happy Holler Band

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The Happy Holler Band posed with instruments, from KMBC radio newsletter, no date. Caption reads, "By Jinger, Now Don't That Beat The Band. I thought you was playin' this dern piece over here all the time, well now let's try another one and this time even if we cain't git off togther let's aim to hitch up an whoa t'once. If that bass horn is a gettin' the best of ye Squire, try Philander's fife, er this rightangle affair Ruben's a blowin'-and say Pel yer a gonna need right smart practice on that E flat alto afore ye kin make them changes sound like anything. All right now fellers, let's git goin' and I'm promisin' ye eff ye do as good this Fourth of July as ye did last, well the Happy Holler Band is gonna have uniforms by next year." Source: Cliff Haliburton.

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