FFA Boys at KMBC Broadcast

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Photograph of a large group of male Future Farmers of America participants with program advisor Harold Garver and KMBC broadcaster Phil Evans in 1940 or 1941. Evans stands to the left of the image; Garver, to the right, was the Shawnee Mission FFA chapter advisor from its inception in 1929. The FFA members are dressed in a variety of clothing, some with visible FFA emblems in the front row. The group is gathered around a microphone with a KMBC label. The photograph is part of the 1940-1941 Future Farmers of America "Co-Operation" scrapbook.

FFA members are identified as: Front row, left to right: unknown, Robert Beveridge, James Garrett, Thomas Fangrow, Robert Klein, Kenneth Zillhart, Bernard Klein, William McMinn, Thomas James, and Harold Garver; second and third rows, left to right: Phil Evans, Lawrence Bauer, Dan Porterfield, Eugene Miller, John Kimpel, Melvin Geary, Phil Erickson, Robert Roy, Lawrence Zillhart, Robert Wasson, Robert Rieke, unknown, and Bill England.

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