Edgerton Women's Softball Team

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Photograph of a a women's softball team in Edgerton, Kansas, circa 1935. Ten of the eleven women wear uniforms consisting of dark, knee-length bloomers, stockings, and boots, white blouses, and caps reading "RED STAR." Two women in the front row also hold baseball bats. Chicken wire fencing and bleachers are visible in the background of the image. 

The team is identified as (back row, left to right) Mrs. Millard Jackson, Mrs. Will Braun, Mrs. Bart Muraphy, and Mrs. Irene Kegan; and (front row, left to right) Mrs. Joe Edenfield, Mrs. Will Kunnard, Mrs. Frona McKaughan, Miss Mary Glavin, Miss Ada Braun, Mrs. Ira Kelly, and Mrs. Ernie Braun.

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Edgerton, KS
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