Kidnappers of Mary McElroy

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Clipping entitled "Group, Held in McElroy Kidnaping, Makes Bedraggled Return" in Kansas City Journal-Post on June 3, 1933 showing the kidnappers of Mary McElroy that escaped to Amarillo, Texas before being caught. The caption states, "The group arrested in Amarillo, Tex., in connection with the McElroy kidnaping appeared anything but happy when they got out of the plan at municipal airport. Left to right they are Walter H. McGee, leader of the gang; Mrs. Wendell Johnson, Wendell Johnson, Mrs. L. R. Gilbert and L. R. Gilbert. All were dressed in new clothes. Johnson and Gilbert and their wives, while arrested with McGee, are not believed to have been parties to the kidnaping."

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300 Richards Road
Kansas City, MO
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William T. Kemper Sr. Scrapbooks: S7.12B, Page 235
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