Tom Pendergast and Joe Shannon


Clipping from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat on December 7, 1930 with caption stating, "Thomas J. (Tom) Pendergast of Kansas City, right, directing head of one of the most powerful political machines in the United States, as he appeared at the Democratic National Convention at Houston in 1928. Joseph B. Shannon, left, until recently the leader of an opposing faction of Kansas City Democrats, who was elected to Congress in the Fifth District. Pendergast actively supported Shannon and thereby eliminated the rival who had frequently challenged Pendergast's political supremacy. Shannon used to oppose in Democratic primaries state candidates favored by Pendergast. This is the first picture of the two together, because their political rivalry was such they were rarely seen together."

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Houston, TX
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William T. Kemper Sr. Scrapbooks: S7.10B, Page 130
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