Johnson County Fair Tent


Photograph of a Kansas City Power & Light Company exhibition tent at the Johnson County Fair in the early 1930s. The tent is filled with electric farm equipment and promotional signs. An electric milking machine is displayed on the left side of the image wth a sign that reads "Do you know? That you can use a milking machine at a power cost of 9¢ per cow per month." An egg incubator stands in the middle of the tent, with a sign that reads "Do you know? That electric incubators will operate economically without odors or muss." Another sign reads "Do you know? That electric brooders are convenient, clean, and economical." Other tools and appliances on view include washing machines, refrigerators and a stand mixer.

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Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict,1855-1865.
The Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression.
KC History, Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library.