Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression


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A color glass plate positive photograph of Myra M. Wilson, wife of William Emmett Wilson, seated holding a rose. William Wilson was a farmer.

September 14th 1941

This photograph was taken looking east-northeast at the intersection of Maple Boulevard and Independence Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

Letter from Paul Weitkam to Jesse W. Barrett regarding Barrett's candidacy for governor, noting supporters he has spoken with and suggesting that Tom Pendergast doesn't have the hold that he once did.

February 5th 1936

Interior of speakeasy/nightclub Dante's Inferno, once located at 1104 Independence Avenue. This photograph was taken circa 1934 by Kaufman Photo Studio, Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Ida Minturn.

Menu cover, ca. 1934, of speakeasy/nightclub Dante's Inferno, once located at 1104 Independence Avenue. Dante, nude women, and snakes are depicted as part of the nightclub's logo. Source: Ida Minturn.

The Half and Half entertainer, half man and half woman, posed for full-length portrait at Dante's Inferno in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Half-and-Half would regularly perform there as a singer, comedian, and impersonator, ca. 1935. Source: Ida Minturn.


Letter from Pastor Salvino Zanon to the court in Case No. 548628: Missouri vs. Peter DiGiovanni and Joseph DiGiovanni. Zanon attests that the two DiGiovanni brothers are charitable and of high moral character. Zanon believes, "they should not be deprived of their business just because of what may have happened many and many years ago, or because of politics, or propaganda."

October 12th 1950

Letter written by Mary Bonomo, to be provide information to the FBI in the event of her death. She writes that she fears for her life due to a debt owed to her by Chuck Casciopipa, and due to knowledge of other crimes she and her husband were suspected of having. She also feared her imprisoned husband Mario's brothers Tom and Sam, as well as Joe DiGiovanni.

January 26th 1946

Postcard including an image of the Children's Memorial Lutheran Church at the southeast corner of Independence Avenue and Brighton Avenue. The form correspondence reads, "We missed you Sunday, __. If you are sick kindly let us know. Unless we hear from you we will expect you present next Sunday. Our Motto: Every scholar present every Sunday and on time, 9:30 a.m." The postcard was used to remind the congregation to attend bible school. The vantage point of the photograph faces east-southeast from near the southwest corner of Brighton and Independence.


Circa 1925 photograph of the Mount Washington Methodist Episcopal Church, South located at the northwest corner of Arlington Avenue and Independence Avenue in present-day Independence, Missouri.