Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression

Image Gallery

June 21st 1935

An autochrome photograph of the cloisters and arches of the Unity Farm (Unity Village) administrative building, as seen from the north.


Portrait of Dr. Ernest W. Cavaness in uniform, ca. 1918 (printed image). Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

April 1920

Sign for Wornall Manor, looking southwest from the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, Valley Road, and 62nd Street.

May 2nd 1936

An autochrome photograph of Lucian Rosenwald's tulip garden. This vantage point faces west-northwest with the house at 4309 Campbell Street in the left background.

July 21st 1930

This picture of the J. C. Nichols Companies Building was taken looking northeast on Ward Parkway just east of Broadway Street.

Soup line during the Depression; Casimir J. Welch with woman in lower inset photo, no date.

September 11th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Albert R. Jones's residence, taken from the southeast. Jones was a Kansas City lawyer.


Photograph of a cafe/delicatessen at 5824 Swope Parkway, taken in connection with Criminal Case No. 34750: State of Missouri vs. John Gadwood.

Circa 1930's photograph of the Electric Theater, 546 Minnesota Avenue, in Kansas City, Kansas. It was opened in 1922, closed in 1969, and demolished in 1976.

December 13th 1923

Postcard showing the Al la ma wum ke (Al la ma wun ke) Trail and Indian Lane in the Country Club District in Mission Hills, Kansas.

May 6th 1937

An autochrome photograph of Edith C. Jenkins's residence, taken from the southeast. Her deceased husband was president of the Jenkins Music Company.

October 3rd 1932

An autochrome photograph of Bruce Dodson, Jr.'s residence, taken from the northwest. Dodson was president of the Bruce Dodson Insurance Company.

This photograph was taken looking south-southwest on the west side of the Troost Avenue and 17th Street intersection in Kansas City, Missouri.

September 13th 1936

Letter and attached photograph from L. L. Hixon to Lloyd Stark, reporting on the state of Stark gubernatorial campaign in his area of Missouri.

September 17th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Charles R. Cook's residence with ivy on the facade, taken from the northwest. Cook was founder and president of Cook Paint & Varnish Company.

Exterior photograph of the Black Hawk Barbecue restaurant advertising meals and delivery.


Six white columns stand erect in a park at Locust Street and Cherry Street, the structure patterned after the columns on the campus at the University of Missouri.


Stone archways were built at each of the entrances into the Crestwood area. This vantage point faces northeast at the intersection of Locust Street, 55th Street, and Oak Street.

September 22nd 1932

An autochrome photograph of James A. Reed's residence, taken from the southeast. Reed was a lawyer, county prosecutor, and mayor of Kansas City.

Photograph taken between 1935 and 1943 of an African American band rehearsing in a park in Kansas City, Kansas.


Circa 1938 photograph of a military unit marching west in the Black Elks parade at 18th Street and The Paseo. The Street Hotel, Country Club Beer, Elnora's Cafe, and Crown Drug Co.

July 18th 1938

Postcard of the Hospital Hill on 23rd Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces southeast from near the intersection of Gillham Road and 22nd Street.

October 10th 1933

An autochrome photograph looking northwest towards the lagoon in Swope Park.

June 10th 1932

An autochrome photograph of the J. C. Nichols Company office building, taken from the southeast.

This photograph was taken looking west on 8th Street from just east of Flora Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

Postcard showing the stockyards in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to W.

July 4th 1923

A panorama of the Kansas City Speedway, a wooden racetrack in operation from 1922-1924 near the present-day Bannister Federal Complex at Bannister Road and Troost Avenue.

October 11th 1924

Kansas City Monarchs standing side by side on field with fans in stands behind team at the opening game Negro Leagues' first Colored World Series in Kansas City, Missouri.


A young boy with his bike and dog photographed in front of a Slow - Children street sign erected by the Westwood Homes Association at Westwood Road and Mercier.

December 15th 1924

Postcard of Westgate Hotel, once located between Main Street and Delaware Street at 9th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Aerial view of Kansas City's Municipal Airport with the Missouri River and downtown Kansas City, Missouri in the background.

August 16th 1922

Postcard showing Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School at the southwest corner of Pershing Road and Wyandotte Street (now Kessler Road) in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 14th 1933

An autochrome photograph of Miss Nelda Jane in pose to dive into the swimming pool of Dan W. Moser. Moser was president of the Western Finance Company.

July 20th 1935

An autochrome photograph of E. V. Ingraham seated by logs at Unity Farm (Unity Village).

Photograph of the exterior of the Kansas City Call building that appears to have been taken from inside an automobile.

July 18th 1932

Unsigned postcard to Lloyd C.