Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression

Image Gallery

May 2nd 1934

An autochrome photograph of a Bechtel's crabapple tree on the property of Lillian Hoover. Her husband Orves U. Hoover was vice president and treasurer of Hoover Bros.

April 28th 1934

An autochrome photograph of Frank Lauder standing next to a Japanese cherry tree on the property of James E. Chandler, President of Meriden Creamery Company.

Photograph of James A. Reed and Nell Donnelly Reed's breakfast room in their home at 5236 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The caption reads, "#7 Breakfast room.

August 3rd 1941

A color glass plate positive photograph of bathers at the beach at Lake Quivira. Lakeshore Drive and the entrance to the Lake Quivira Country Club is shown in the background.

June 7th 1935

An autochrome photograph of Margaret J. Helmers with "Mary Wallace" roses on the property of William C. Helmers, Executive, Helmers Manufacturing Company.

September 27th 1930

Photograph of Redemptorist High School students posed on the front steps of the building facing Linwood Boulevard.

July 6th 1931

Mugshot of Frank Mulloy, Inmate #39293. Mulloy was sentenced to time in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after being convicted of violating the Prohibition Act.

October 13th 1936

Photograph of the interior of Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City during President Franklin Roosevelt's address, October 13, 1936.

April 22nd 1922

Postcard of the Inter-City Viaduct in Kansas City, Missouri, now better known as the portion of I-70 between downtown Kansas City, Missouri and downtown Kansas City, Kansas.

July 8th 1934

Newspaper clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post, Sunday, July 8, 1934; “Photographs of Men of Prominence in Kansas City and Vicinity”.

December 21st 1937

Portrait photograph of Guy B. Park, governor of Missouri from 1933–1937. Park was principal speaker at the Court of Honor, December 21, 1937 at Holy Cross School Auditorium.


This picture of the Crestwood Shops was taken looking east-southeast on 55th Street between Brookside Boulevard and Oak Street.


Portrait of James M. Kemper, Chairman of the Board of Commerce Trust Company.

This photograph was taken looking northeast at the intersection of the Prospect Avenue and 17th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Architectural image of the interior of the Pla-Mor Ballroom created by Charles A. Smith of Kansas City, Missouri.


Wide exterior view of Arbor Villa Park; the small white building in the background is a J. C. Nichols Company sales office.

May 1926

Lou Holland standing by a seated Ike Morrell at Kansas City's air mail dedication at Richards Field, May 1926.

Photograph of Kansas City ministers [possibly as part of a New Era District meeting] with leaders of the Women's Missionary Union posed outside of the main entrance to the Paseo Baptist Church

August 15th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Richard L. Sutton's residence, taken from the southeast and looking towards the entrance. Sutton was a famous Kansas City dermatologist.

March 21st 1989

Postcard of the driveway in Penn Valley Park in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces north-northwest from atop the hill east of Broadway Boulevard.

This photograph was taken looking east on 12th Street just west of Park Avenue.

August 28th 1935

An autochrome photograph of men sorting and packing peaches at Unity Farm (Unity Village).

October 18th 1918

Postcard of the New German (Research) Hospital, located at the southwest corner of 23rd Street and Holmes Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Half length view of Count Basie.

Mug shot of Vernon C. Miller or Verne Miller, used as an exhibit against the defendant in Criminal Case No. 35160: State of Missouri vs. Adam Richetti.


This picture of the J. C. Nichols Company building was taken looking northeast on the north side of Ward Parkway Boulevard just west of Central Street.

An autochrome photograph of eight children posed next to Dr. Fred Irving's swimming pool.

An autochrome photograph of Fletcher Cowherd's house, taken from the east-northeast.

June 23rd 1932

An autochrome photograph of C. H. Tinsley's residence, taken from the northeast. Tinsley was a Kansas City insurance agent.

July 18th 1938

Mugshots for Robert Strohm, Inmate #53421. Strohm was sentenced to two years and six months in the U.S.

June 20th 1928

Exhibit used in evidence for Case No. 30588: State of Missouri, Respondent, vs. Maurice W. Nagle, Appellant.


This picture of the Country Club Plaza was taken looking southwest from atop the Ponce de Leon building at 4555 Main Street.

Photograph of men standing outside of, and entering, the Kansas City Call Building. This vantage point faces south from 18th Street between Woodland Avenue and Highland Avenue.

July 2nd 1935

An autochrome photograph of Thomas L. Luzier's swimming pool, taken from the west. Luzier was founder of Luzier Personalized Cosmetics.


J. C. Nichols Companies Field Construction Department trucks paving the middle of the street in the Armour Hills Gardens housing development.

September 22nd 1922

Postcard of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Building, located at the northwest corner of 11th and Oak Streets in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.