Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression

Image Gallery

Circa 1930's photograph of the Electric Theater, 546 Minnesota Avenue, in Kansas City, Kansas. It was opened in 1922, closed in 1969, and demolished in 1976.

September 16th 1932

An autochrome photograph of the road entrance to the residence of Albert R. Jones, lawyer. This vantage point faces north on Guilford Lane just east of Overhill Road.


Individulal portrait photographs of the 31 students comprising the Holy Cross School Class of 1927. Also included is a photograph of Reverend J. P. Prendergast.


A 1920 photograph of Milton C. Lewis as an intern.

This photograph was taken looking west on 15th Street (now Truman Road) just east of Holmes Street in Kansas City, Missouri.


This picture was taken looking south at the intersection of Mission Drive, Overhill Road, and Ensley Lane in Mission Hills, Kansas.

November 1909

Postcard showing Pleasure Lake in Electric Park, once located between The Paseo and Woodland Avenue, south of 45th Street, in Kansas City, Missouri.

July 4th 1934

Photograph of the Kansas City Monarchs baseball team at Natatorium Park in Spokane, Washington. The franchise was organized in 1920 and located in Kansas City, Missouri.

September 17th 1934

An autochrome photograph of a fountain at Meyer Circle, located at the intersection of Ward Parkway and Meyer Boulevard.

September 3rd 1922

Postcard of the Ivanhoe Temple in Kansas City, Missouri. The vantage point faces east-southeast at the intersection of Linwood Boulevard and Park Avenue.

August 16th 1922

Postcard showing Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School at the southwest corner of Pershing Road and Wyandotte Street (now Kessler Road) in Kansas City, Missouri.

April 11th 1927

Postcard showing the Swope Park Shelter House Number 1, located to the southeast of the main entrance to Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri.


An employee of The Donnelly Garment Company using a shirring machine in the Corrigan Building at 1828 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri.


Two young women sitting near a lamp sculpture with a house at 5939 Overhill Road barely visible in the background.

November 9th 1931

Mugshot of former Negro League baseball player Lemuel Hawkins, taken at U.S. Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas.